Scratching an Itch can be very Fruitful

A new research found that the action of scratching an itch is mainly because of “overactivity” in the brain that is related to motor control and processing of rewards. The Assistant Professor of Temple University School of Medicine, US, said that scratching may seem to be pleasurable at first but if you go on scratching, you can increase the intensity as well as pain and this may even lead to permanent skin damage. It is therefore important to know about all the cerebral activity that induces this pathological behaviour of scratching. The researchers looked at all the activities of the brain with 10 chronic patients and 10 healthy ones by using the advanced functional magnetic resonance. It was found that brain was responsible for controlling motor and also rewarding the process that was more activate in the patients who suffered from chronic itching problem. 

 It was issued in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology that due to overactivity many people may get addicted to scratching. For conducting this study, a plant called cowhage was applied in the forearms of the patients who suffered from itching problem and those who didn’t. The results of the study helped us to identify and make use advancement in understanding the brain network that helps us to know the cycle of itching and scratching in the chronic itching patients. Mochizuki a famous dermatologist said that such kind of understanding was very essential and new therapies was conducted for all such patients and its outcome was determined.

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