Problems Mount For Health Officials With About 142 People Testing Positive For HIV In Indiana County

With a population of just a little above a few thousands, 142 people in Indiana county have given positive results when tested for HIV, of which 136 have been confirmed with the infection, while six yet await preliminary test results. Officials expressed a great degree of concern over the increasing numbers. The disease is being spread through the use of intravenous drugs. The spread is of greater concern in  rural areas where health facilities are not available.

The epicenter of the outbreak of HIV is Scott County. The county has just a single physician capable of dealing with infectious diseases. The problem is compounded by the realization that the doctor is not an expert on HIV infections.

Indiana University has provided a team of health workers for a clinic that is supposed to treat people with HIV infections. They are also supposed to provide information and education on the infection by virtue of door-to-door campaigns. As many as 33 patients have already sought positive results from the clinic.

There is an increasing awareness about the dangers of sharing needles. But the truth remains that a large part of the infected are the youth who were not here when the last outbreak was reported in'80s and '90s.

The issue of sharing needles has to be raised. The dangers must be made clear to everyone. Sharing of needles for injecting drugs is a common phenomenon in families and generations who live together in the same house. The problem has only gathered momentum over the past few decades.


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