Low Blood Pressure May Be Linked to Swifter Mental Decline

For elderly individuals with mild dementia or cognitive impairment, low blood pressure may be attached to swifter mental decline, as per a latest study.

However, there’s not adequate data on blood pressure in individuals with mild cognitive impairment, Dr. Enrico Mossello, lead author of University of Florence, Italy explained to Reuters through mail.
The recent study, he included, is the first to display that cognitive declines could happen swifter in elderly individuals on blood pressure medication whose top number – systolic pressure – is low.
Mossello and his team analyzed more than 172 elderly individuals between 2009 and 12. Many had dementia, around a third had mild cognitive impairment, and about 70% were taking high blood pressure medication.

A team of researchers observed people’s blood pressure as well as their performance of current mental test. Researchers repeated all the essential measurements 6 to eighteen months later – by that time psychological function had reduced for the whole group of participants, on an average, and disability increased.

The Team separated participants into total three groups keeping the daytime readings of participant’s systolic blood pressure. It means that blood pressure reading should be 120 over 80ml of mercury.
Individuals in the lowest 3rd of systolic blood-pressure scored below 128mm Hg, and had faster decreased on their psychological performance tests than those individuals in high and middle blood pressure groups, as per the latest study.

When the team of researchers thoroughly observed and analyzed the whole test or study, they found that people on medications who were also facing lower blood pressure got faster cognitive decline.

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