How Improper Dieting can be Dangerous to Health

Dieting is by far the most common way people look to drop weight. However, some people tend to go to extremes, or make poor choices which can do more harm than good. Here are a few things to avoid when forming a good diet plan. 

Crash diets
Drastically cutting down calories or turning to extreme diets could backfire on your plans and even lead to more health problems. Poor nutrient intake could lead to loss of muscle and bone mass, fatigue and poor metabolism. It could severely affect your daily endeavors, making you sluggish and increasing stress. Be mindful of how much you reduce your diet.

Cutting fluid intake
Dehydration is one of the more recurring side-effects of improper dieting. Methods such as cleanses and detoxing could create a very unhealthy electrolyte imbalance and disrupt your regular bodily functions. Make sure you drink plenty of water even when you reduce your diet. 

Short term fixes
Dieting can do weird things to your mental state. Generally, dietary changes tend to be aimed for short-term goals, and once reached, people get complacent and fall back to old habits, gaining more weight than they lost. Besides, dieting could increase the amount of the hormone cortisol, leading to stress and a tendency to gain weight. Look for a long-term change of dietary habits instead of short-term solutions. 

Following professionally recommended diet plans along with good exercise and healthy changes to your lifestyle is the ideal way to go about getting into shape. In any case, you must be mindful of these common mistakes to see that your dieting aids your efforts, rather than hinder them.


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