How can jeera help you to get instant relief from cold

Monsoons have begun and with rains, you can get cold very easily. You can use jeera or the cumin seeds to rescue from this problem. They may seem to be tiny but are filled with anti- inflammatory, anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Jeera has certain component in them that helps the inflamed muscles to relax and also makes its immunity system strong so that your body can fight off any kind of injection. It is rich in vitamin A and C that helps you to get over cold instantly. 

You can just boil a spoon of jeera in two cups of water. Then add crushed ginger and tulsi leaves in the boiling water. Ginger and tulsi are known for a component that fights against cold. You can now strain and drink the warm water. This makes the immunity system of your body strong. Another way in which you can cure cold is by boiling jeera in water. You can inhale the steam from water. Now add some cloves in water to mix it. This will give you some relief from blocked nose and will also clear away cold. You can use a warm blanket to cover your head and chest to prevent being exposed to cold breeze just after the treatment gets over or it may even lead you to congestion in the chest. Try these methods and see how it relieves you from cough and cold instantly. 



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