Health tips for a better you

With your daily tough schedule, you might find it difficult to squeeze out some time for yourself. But in the longer run this might be fatal. Being workaholic is good, but depriving your body and soul its basic needs is not welcome. One common mistake prevalent amongst many is skipping the breakfast – the most important meal that provides the energy vital for everyday’s tasks. On the contrary, dinner should be light and preferably taken earlier. Consulting a nutritionist might be a good idea so you can schedule and plan your meals.

Regular health checkups: a common myth is regular health checkups are for the ailing and aged people. Let no secrets exist between your body and you. Get complete health checkup at least annually. Diagnosing any disease in its initial step always helps.

Stay away from red meat, alcohol and tobacco: Consumption of red meat increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Alcohol contains empty calories and is a prime factor to obesity. So instead of regular drinking why not save a toast for special occasion? Rather have a drink of fresh fruit juice or lemonade. Besides being the prime factor for cancer and various bronchial diseases, tobacco reduces your sexual drive and untimely aging. It is always better to stay away from smoking.

Maintain workout ethics: never exercise on an empty stomach, as it makes you tired and de-energized within few minutes. You can begin your day with a glass of lukewarm water that detoxifies the body, keeps the skin hydrated and eases out bowel movement.

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