Grip Strength a Better indicator of Heart Attack and Stroke than Blood Pressure

An extensive study which took place in 14 countries and encompassed 140,000 people has found that the chances of having a heart attack or a stroke may be calculated by determining the strength of palm grip. Scientists claim that measuring the grip gives more accurate predictions than measuring blood pressure. The result of the study will prove to have more practical value among doctors, argue scientists.

Even though the link between the grip and the heart has been proven, further studies are needed to determine why that is the case. Logically, your grip becomes less and less powerful over time. The study suggests that people losing their grip faster may be exposed to a higher risk of being struck by a heart attack or a stroke. While women in their mid-20 have grip strength of about 75lb, women in their 70s cannot produce more grip pressure than 53lb.

Men in their mid 20s have grip strength of 119lb, which falls to 84lb in 70-year-olds. The study has also found that each 11lb-fall in grip strength equals to a 16-percent risk increase of an early death. In addition, with each 11lb grip strength reduction comes a 17-percent risk increase of a fatal heart problem and a 9-percent higher risk of stroke. "Grip strength could be an easy and inexpensive test to assess an individual's risk of death and cardiovascular disease.

Further research is needed to establish whether efforts to improve muscle strength are likely to reduce an individual's risk of death and cardiovascular disease," said one of the researchers at McMaster University in Canada Dr. Darryl Leong.


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