Coffee, Snacks, Chat and Movies

It is the nature of human beings to be extremely interested to perform experiments that alter the state of the mind or the consciousness. Most of our actions, from marijuana weed smoking to roller coaster rides, imply the same idea.
Most of us are so uncomfortable to even imagine how it will be remain quietly and experience the true state of one’s mind then. If you notice that you have nothing to do except just to sit and deal with your own mind, you then try and use lots of weapons to get rid of all those minor discomforts – you surf your mail, you sip your coffee, you check out the latest movies and reach out for the snacks. Eventually, you will get bored out of it and you will find that the happiness you got out of these escaping your work has now actually turned into guilt.
In the course of a few days, you will get addicted to battling; you will begin battling on any instance of discomfort you feel. This addiction costs us a huge part of our money, time and energy. But the biggest of all, we are constantly duplicating the personal power inside ourselves.
If you just try a little and let accept the real you, let the discomfort stay with you for a few minutes, then you will notice that it is not so uncomfortable anymore. By doing this, you will also realize that certain awkward moments happen naturally many times over and you will know that you have the ability to handle them without escaping into a coffee or a movie. The bad moments will not be so bad for you anymore.

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