Clostridium difficile infections can be treated with C. difficile

Clostridium difficile, a deadly infection is some cases, may be treated with more C. difficile. Doctors from the US, replace aggressive version of this infection with more friendly versions. A study, published in the published in the Journal of the American Medical Association that was conducted on 173 people found that the chances for repeated infections were cut dramatically. Many experts say that this is a promising idea, and also, very interesting. You should know that C. difficile cause fever and diarrhea.

This infection is responsible for 29.000 deaths only in the US, and even more across the world. When antibiotics kill the bug that live in the gut, the bacteria is able to take over. The current treatment includes more antibiotics. This cause another problem. Those antibiotics bring some people in danger, because leave their gut vulnerable. Toxins that are released by C. difficile bacteria are responsible for the symptoms. The new treatment includes giving the patients spores of C. difficile bacteria that don’t produce toxins. Team at Loyola University Health System in Illinois is responsible for this discovery.

The main idea is to ‘’friendly’’ bacteria occupy the spaces in the gut, that usually toxic C. difficile inhabits and prevent them from coming back. In 69% of the cases, non-toxic bacteria took place instead of toxic ones. Just 1 in fifty patients experienced another infection. Also, 1 in 3 patients had renewed symptoms. They occur only in cases when the non-toxic bacteria failed to colonize the gut or when those patients received a dummy treatment. According to Dr Dale Gerding, C. difficile is one of the hardest infections to treat.


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