TV everyday can reduce lifetime

A new study conducted by the American Heart Association has revealed that the individuals watching television for three or more hours every day have double chances of dying prematurely than individuals who don’t.
The study was conducted on 13,284 Spanish university graduate youths to find out the relationship between stationary behavior and the risk of death. Watching television, driving and accessing computers were taken into account in the study.
The research team found that individuals who watch TV for three or more hours have twice the amount of risk that people who were used to watching television for an hour or less. The other stationary activities like accessing computers and driving for long times did not have any significant effects in the life span of an individual, reveals the study.
The Research team has said that the study will continue about the influence of the computer usage and driving in a deeper context to establish their effects on mortality rates. Other studies also reveal that an average American watches over 35 hours of TV a week and an average Brit spends over 25 hours in front of it.
Trying to replace the TV watching time with any enjoyable activity is a great method to wean off form TV watching. If a show your family enjoys goes off the air, never replace it and use the time for constructive activities. The Timer option in TVs is a great way to remind yourself to stop lingering in front of it. You can also start by cutting down a few channels per month until you are left with none.
If you would like to live longer, throw off the idiot boxes.

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