Playing Outside Is Good For Your Eyeballs

There have been several studies which look into finding the relation that exists between spending time outside with your eyes as well as the relationship between your eyes and staying indoors. That said recent studies by several researchers indicate that sunlight stimulates the release of dopamine from the retina which impacts the eyes in a good way. The dopamine which is released is believed to have a protective effect on the eye; it is known to prevent the elongation of the distance between the lens and the retina which basically defines the oval shaped myopic eyeball. Dopamine is also known to bring about enjoyment and it also has an effect on our moods when released in the brain.

That said it is also good to note that too much of something is not good, for instance in this case exposing your body to sunlight over a long period of time can result into you developing skin cancer thus I would advice that you make use of sunblock as well as dress appropriately, things such as hats as well as long sleeve are a must have when you are moving outside. Protecting yourself from the sunlight also ensures that you won’t be having seasonal depression.

The American Academy of Pediatrics as well as the National Association of Sports and Physical Education recommends that one have at least an hour of playtime preferably outside if the conditions are good and this should be done on a day to day basis.


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