What is Miscarriage?
Miscarriage is a situation where by a fetus is lost by mother who is expecting before the twentieth week of being pregnant. In medical terms miscarriage is usually referred to as spontaneous abortion.

What Brings about miscarriage?
A Baby’s chromosomal abnormalities have been identified as the common cause of miscarriage during the 1st trimester. Other well known causes which are known to cause miscarriage are severe kidney disease, uterine abnormalities, infections, thyroid disease, disorders with one’s immune system such as lupus, severe malnutrition, hormonal problems, uncontrolled diabetes, adopting or practicing lifestyle such as smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and lastly taking drugs. Other causes of miscarriages are incompetent cervix this is a situation in which the cervix starts to widen up in early days of the pregnancies, toxic agents which one can acquire in working places or by being exposed to high levels of radiation and lastly congenital heart. Contrary to belief, older women also tend to have spontaneous abortion. The risk for one having a spontaneous abortion if she is at her 20’s is 12 to 15% and you are at your 40’s the risk increases to 25%.

There are several symptoms that you can notice once you a have a spontaneous abortion, one you will experience abdominal pain, you will have light bleeding which may in sometimes turn to heavy bleeding, you will be weak, you will have back pains, fever and severe cramps.

When to see a doctor?
Once you have noticed that you have the symptoms which have been listed above and your pregnancy is not older that 20 weeks, then it is advised that you go see your doctor. In an event that the process of spontaneous abortion is not complete one should contact her doctor.


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