Vitamins can be found in fruits and in other food (fruits contain highest concentrations of vitamins), so eating fresh fruits every day can be of great use! It is important to eat different kinds of food, because one kind of food contains just one or two vitamins that you need.

Vitamin A is essential for good eyesight and can boost your immune system. Because it is important in the production of cells that are crucial for our vision, it is recommended for people who have problems with their vision or wants to protect it. People who spend a lot of time in front of a computer should eat more food with this vitamin. It can be found in: pork, beef, spinach, carrots, kale and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin B can provide you more energy, it regulates mood and have a positive effect on your immune system. It has a positive effect on your brain too, because it can speed up nerve signals in your brain. You should avoid supplements of this vitamin. Because it is easy to get too much of vitamin B9, which can lead to prostate cancer. Only vegetarians should use supplements because they need more of vitamin B12. This vitamin can be found in: beef, peas, eggs, chicken, spinach and salmon.

Vitamin C is important in preventing skin aging and keeps ligaments young (which prevents injuries). The daily intake of this vitamin should be 90mg, but if you are exercising often you have to increase your daily intake up to 300mg. This vitamin can be found in: oranges, tomatoes, kale and broccoli.

Vitamin D is useful against depression and heart disease. You shouldn’t use supplements. It can be found in: cheese, eggs and mushrooms.


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