Positive results of the malaria vaccine

The latest trial, that include a malaria vaccine, developed specially for most dangerous parasites that cause the disease, is promising. In a study, that included 121 men in Kenya, this vaccine was 67% effective. It is developed at Oxford University. After 20 years of research, two promising results are recorded for 2 types of malaria vaccines. The other progress is made in a malaria vaccine for young children. In sub-Saharan Africa, 1.300 children die each day from this disease, Scientists are trying to prevent this. In 2013, according to the World Health Organization, 584.000 people died from malaria and 198 million were infected.

It is very hard to develop a vaccine for this disease, because the nature of the parasite. There are 4 types of them that cause malaria. At this moment, there is no information does the vaccine from Oxford protects against just one or all types of ‘’ Plasmodium falciparum’’ parasite. 

In one trial, in Oxford, the scientists used two viruses (one was a chimpanzee virus) in order to stimulate the body to produce antibodies that fight against malaria. After 8 weeks, they determined that those who had a vaccine, had a 2/3 lower risk than those who haven’t got the vaccine. According to Prof Adrian Hill, from the University of Oxford, these promising results are a good start for testing the vaccine in infants and young children. In the study, malaria transmission levels were very low. It is difficult to say how the vaccine will perform if malaria risk was much higher. At this moment, researchers from Oxford are testing this vaccine in infants and young children in Burkina Faso.


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