One step ahead to cure Alzheimer’s disease

Brain degeneration has stopped by two licensed drugs in mice.  The researchers are one step ahead from finding the cure for dangerous Alzheimer’s disease. This development has raised hopes of patient families and scientist’s world over.  The paper was present at the Annual Research Conference by the Alzheimer’s Society in Manchester.  All experts praised the efforts saying that it has huge potential.

The new treatment has lower risks because already approved medicines are being used. The population is used to drugs and side-effects are well tolerated by the patients. Many years of research have been saved due to this experiment and there will be no delays in receiving commercial version of the product. Professor Giovanna Mallucci from University of Cambridge’s Clinical neuroscience department further said that there are no needs of lengthy clinical trials now as drugs are already certified. 

Human trials with small group will be conducted directly now as these are now new compounds but well-known drugs.  The names of both drugs haven’t been made public as patients may directly star using them without doctor’s advice. The sources say these drugs are being used to cure conditions related to dementia. The faulty signal in the brain could be stopped which prevents new protein production. This will also prevent the cell death. The whole experiment was based on this two-year old research. 

Weight loss and diabetes are severe health side effects of these drugs, the researcher warned and therefore not advisable to use in its current form for the humans. 



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