Millions of people suffer with undertreated chronic pain

There are many reasons why people suffer chronic pain. This long-lasting pain can be caused by cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and so many conditions. In the United States, this costs the healthcare system $560 to $630 billion every year.

Many of the people who suffer chronic pain go untreated due to a number of factors. The Institute of Medicine wrote in a report that at least 116 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain and go untreated or poorly treated by the healthcare system.

The President of the American Academy of Pain Medicine said several years ago how “shocked and surprised at the magnitude of [the problem],” he was. Five years later and there are still many Americans going, not only untreated, but with the knowledge that their pain could had been avoided with proper care.

Presently, and according to Dr. Philip Pizzo, Dean of the Stanford School of Medicine, and chairman of report committee, chronic pain is affecting one third of the American population. “Is more than we pay as a nation on cardiovascular disease and cancer…. Pain is an experience that affects virtually every one of our citizens…and can become a disease itself.”

The report, released several years ago as a response from Congress’s demand that such study be made in 2010, states that too many Americans are not being treated properly.  Such a report was intended to highlight the fact that the healthcare system has not taken proper care of people who suffer from pain. The main focus is to promote a “cultural transformation” of methods that the US healthcare system uses to manage such patients.

The report is officially known as “Relieving Pain in America: A Blueprint for Transforming Prevention, Care, Education, and Research.”



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