Blood tests can detect ovarian cancer faster

According to the latest research, blood tests can detect ovarian cancer in 86% before a woman is normally diagnosed. This type of tumors is deadly if it is detected too late. Thanks to this research, that lasted 14 years and included 46.000 women, ovarian tumors can be detected early. Although, this is great news, team from the University College London isn’t sure can this save more lives.

Only in the UK, 4.200 women die every year from this type of cancer and 7.100 are diagnosed. The reason, why ovarian cancer is hard to detect is because of its symptoms. Persistent bloating, difficulty eating and abdominal pain are common symptoms for several other conditions. Because ovarian tumors release a chemical known as CA125, into the bloodstream, doctors can use blood tests to detect it. This test is already used, but only if a patient has symptoms. According to Professor Usha Menon from University College London, the goal is to detect cancer as soon as possible. Annual blood testing was performed on women who are in menopause, across 13 NHS trusts.

This testing was performed by the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening. Women who had elevated levels of CA125, were sent for further tests. 86% of ovarian cancers were detected. The most important part of the ovarian tumor screening is fast approaching. This study started in 2001 and the last blood test was in 2011. Now, we can see the first results that look promising. This method should monitor the CA125 levels in each woman and determine did they increased over time. It looks like this method is 2 times more effective than previous methods.


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